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Many people do quick stretches, which have little to no benefit. Be sure to hold your stretches for about 30-60 seconds for optimal results.

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Keep a selection of board games, books and puzzles on hand as an alternative to TV on rainy days.

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Fall Activity Challenge


Get free answers to your medication questions. Call 8-1-1 and ask to speak to a Pharmacist

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Live 5210 Play Boxes


Come have fun outside with your family! The City of Abbotsford has received funding from the SCOPE Project, to do something innovative in our community to encourage families to be active. And so the idea of the Live 5210 Play Box was born! These Play Boxes have everything you need to have fun with your family outside - ideas for games and equipment to play.


This is a pilot project, with boxes installed in the following parks:


1. Grant Park (31850 Madiera PL)

2. Berry Park (33928 Fern Street)

3. Pepin Brook Park (2244 Reisling Drive)


Access to the boxes is free. Visit our Play Box page to register and get the code to unlock the boxes. Click the image below to watch Global TV's coverage of the official launch.


Picture of a Play Box in Grant Park

Healthy Abbotsford

Healthy Abbotsford is a city-wide initiative aimed to engage the residents of the community in promoting, fostering and engaging in healthy lifestyle choices to encourage the overall improvement in the health and well being of the residents of Abbotsford.


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Picture of the cover of the Pulse 2014


Screen Shot of the 2013 edition of the Pulse cover

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