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Plan for physical activity – Brown bag it, keep runners at work and walk at lunch, schedule your physical activity.

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Enjoy quality family time during meals by turning the TV off and turning the focus on each other.

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Online Health Tools

Need some help getting motivated and staying on track? From healthy weight calculators to physical activity trackers, you can find many online health tools on your comupter or even on your mobile phone. Keeping tabs on your health just got easier!


Health Calculator and Tools

Online Health Trackers

Calorie Burn Calculator

How many calories did your exercise burn?

This tool from Healthlink BC calculates how many calories you burn with different types of activities. You input your weight, how long you were active, and the general type of activity and it will estimate the amount of calories you burned. This is helpful to determine how much physical activity you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

Click here to go to the “How Many Calories Did you Burn Tool” on the Healthlink BC website

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Find your target heart rate

This great tool from Healthlink BC calculates your target heart rate for exercise. You put in your age, resting heart rateand current level of activity and the tool will recommend a heart rate range for you to follow during exercise.

Click here to go to the Target Heart Rate Tool on the Healthlink BC website

Healthy Waists

Track your health by measuring your waist

A healthy weight is more than what you see on the scale. When you start to eat healthy and exercise your body begins to change as you build muscle and lose body fat. Your weight alone won’t reflect all the good changes your body is going through.

Measuring your waist can tell you alot about your health as fat stored around your mid section can put you at risk for things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Healthy Waist website has a great video to show you how to properly measure your waistline and give you the information you need to achieve or maintain a healthy waist.

Click here to go the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Healthy Waist website

Smoking Cost Calculator

How Much is Smoking Costing You?

Need a reality check to kick the habit? This tool from Healthlink BC will estimate how much money you have spent on cigarettes since you started smoking. Estimate the average number of cigarettes you smoke per day, the average cost of a pack of smokes and how long you have been smoking and start thinking about all the things you could have bought instead!

Click here to go to the “How Much is Smoking Costing You” tool on the Healthlink BC website

EATracker - Dietitians of Canada

Record and track your fitness and eating habits

EATracker is an eating and activity tracker which you can use to track your daily food and activity choices, get feedback on how you are doing, and find suggestions for ways to improve your choices. Some of the features include..

  • Select your daily foods and activities
  • Receive personalized feedback
  • Find resources and suggestions to help you
  • Watch your progress

Click here to go to the EATracker


Track your physcial activity online

MapMyFitness is a community website for people who want to be healthy, lose weight or train more effectively. Registration for a free account provides you access to route mapping tools, fitness logs, challenges, online groups, as well as, mobile applications to record your workouts on the go. Additionally you can integrate your account with social media sites such as facebook and twitter. Premium paid memberships are also available which reduce advertisements and unlock training programs. Other websites in the MapMyFitness family include MapMyRun, MapMyCycle, MapMyWalk, MapMyHike and MapMyMountain.

Click here to go to

Spark People

An free online community for healthy living

SparkPeople’s mission is to spark millions of people to reach their goals and lead healthier lives. is a membership based online community which offers nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free.

SparkPeople promotes a weight loss program which teaches people to stop dieting and transition to a permanent, healthy lifestyle. Far beyond just weight loss, SparkPeople aims to help everyone learn to eat better and exercise regularly for life. Even people who don’t want to lose weight can still join and benefit from SparkPeople's tools, resources and community features. In addition to informative articles and interactive tools, such as fitness trackers and meal plans, members can find support and encouragement from a positive community of members and experts.

SparkPeople takes pride in offering medically accepted weight-loss and healthy lifestyle recommendations that are easy to understand and implement. To learn if the weight loss, diet and exercise guidelines from Spark People are safe and appropriate for you, click here

Click here to go to the SparkPeople website

10,000 Steps

10,000 steps to a healthier you!

10,000 Steps is a fantastic website to log your daily steps and motivate yourself by participating in various step challenges. Created in Australia, the 10,000 steps website is open to individuals from all over the world.  You can track your steps by using a pedometer, a small electronic device that when worn on your hip tracks the number of steps you take each day, or your can track your daily minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity.

There are new challenges all the time and while many are treks around Australia you can also create your own custom challenges. You can even encourage friends to sign-up and add them as a “buddy” to help motivate each other. Best of all, it is totally free and even has a convenient iPhone app.

Why 10,000 Steps?  Walking 10,000 Steps per day is associated with better health and a reduced risk of chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Click here to sign-up on the 10,000 Steps website.


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