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Live 5-2-1-0 Play Boxes

The City of Abbotsford believes in helping our families raise healthy children. We know that children, who are raised in an environment where they are active, have better physical and emotional health, perform better academically, and have greater leadership skills.  Physical activity also lowers depression and crime rates while increasing productivity and innovation. These are essential components to a healthy and thriving community.

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Why Play Boxes?

As a parent, we all want our kids to be healthy, to play, and to have fun. And the reality is that there can be a number of challenges to making that happen:
Many parents don’t know how to play with their kids. They perhaps grew up in a family that didn’t engage in play or they are so busy trying to keep up with everything that they don’t have the time to think about how to play with their kids.

Lack of money – buying toys and props to play with outside isn’t within the financial reach of many families in Abbotsford.

Lack of convenience of programs – signing kids up for programs can present a number of barriers for parents such as cost, location (it’s yet another place they have to take their child to/from), scheduling (it can be tough to try and fit the program schedule - life is unpredictable)

Commitment – for many families, committing to a 6 or 8 week program just feels like it’s too much

Isolation – with busy schedules, lack of interaction with neighbors, lack of family close-by, social isolation is becoming a significant problem in our community. How do you meet new people, where do you meet new people? How do you make the time to meet new people? Not only does this lead to social isolation, it also starts to erode the fabric of our sense of community and belonging.

So, in an effort to ease some of these challenges, Healthy Abbotsford, along with its partners, has launched the Live 5210 Play Boxes. These are boxes that are filled with all sorts of play equipment that families can access for free, anytime they want!

What About Vandalism?

Now, we are aware of the risks of vandalism, theft or damage of the equipment etc. and we decided that helping families get active was way too important not to try something like this. For those of you who live in the areas around these parks, perhaps help keep an eye on them? If we come together as a community this could be a really amazing thing!

Where are the Live 5210 Play Boxes?

Grant Park (31850 Madiera PL)
Pepin Brook Park (2244 Reisling Drive)
McKinley Park (3646 McKinley Drive) - opening Sunday September 9, 2018

Who's Paying for the Boxes?

This is a pilot project which is being funded through the SCOPE ( at BC Children's Hospital. The City of Abbotsford, and the Healthy Abbotsford Partners, have also contributed staff time to this project.

More Info

To learn more about Live 5210, visit Live 5210 page
To learn more about the Live 5210 Community Toolkit, visit The Toolkit page


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