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Live 5210 Made Simple
- The Community Toolkit

We’ve created the Live 5210 Community Toolkit to help support people in our community who also believe in Live 5210 message.

This toolkit can be used by parents who are looking for fun ways to teach their children about healthy living, teachers who are looking for new ideas to bring into their classroom, recreation staff who are leading children’s programs and want to incorporate healthy living activities, fitness professionals who are working with children, healthcare professionals who are helping parents create a healthier lifestyle for their family, or anyone else who wants to teach others how to live healthy.

This toolkit is designed so that you can use all of it, or just pieces of it. There is no order to follow, simply find the activities or resources that interest you and use them. It’s an electronic document which allows us to update it on a regular basis as we find more great stuff to include. So, keep checking back to make sure you have the most current copy (check the date on the front cover).

To access the toolkit (and other Live 5210 resources) for free, simply register below and get instant access.

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