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Formed in March 2014, Sport Abbotsford is a non-profit society that represents local organizations and individuals who are dedicated to the development and advancement of sport and physical activity in Abbotsford.  Members of Sport Abbotsford come from a diverse range of sporting backgrounds. Our core belief is that lifelong participation in sport and physical activity promotes a healthy, vibrant community.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a strong, unified voice for sport in Abbotsford through which we can help all local sporting organizations, the big and the small, to grow and thrive.

Why does our city need a group like Sport Abbotsford? 

The proven model of an advocacy group such as Sport Abbotsford is based on the great success of similar organizations in forward-thinking, sports-minded cities such as Kamloops, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, North Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. In these cities, one sport benefits because all sports speak with a strong, unified voice.  In Abbotsford, sporting groups have traditionally acted as “islands unto themselves”, in some cases limiting a group’s ability to have their voice heard or to get things done. As already mentioned, our goal is to help all groups in Abbotsford’s greater sporting community by taking a similar approach as these other cities.

How would my sport benefit from joining Sport Abbotsford?

Currently we offer:
• A collective voice for the development of sport organizations and sport facilities
• A seat on the Parks Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee
• Exposure for sporting events
• Help organizing sporting events
• Help growing your membership from “grassroots” to elite levels
• Help researching / writing proposals for grants
• Access to a wealth of knowledge of how to run an effective non-profit organization.

What has Sport Abbotsford Accomplished so far? 

After forming in March of 2014, the first few months were spent organizing and establishing our governance and non-profit status.  In November 2014, leading up to the civic election, Sport Abbotsford hosted an all-candidates meeting bringing the issue of sport to the forefront.   Several of our members have provided input which will influence and inform the updating of Abbotsford’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, and Official Community Plan.  Sport Abbotsford is currently involved in the early planning stages of the 2016 BC Summer Games.

Future Goals: Sport Abbotsford is working towards:

Advancing Sport Tourism: Abbotsford can do more to capitalize on the massive economic benefits of sport tourism.  Improved government policy and improved sporting infrastructure would make it easier for our sporting groups to host a wide variety of sporting events, bringing more sport tourism dollars to our city.
Improving Sporting Infrastructure: A thriving sports community needs proper, up-to-date sports facilities. Unfortunately, as Abbotsford’s population has grown exponentially over the last several decades, our sporting infrastructure has not kept pace. As it stands now, when compared with other similar-sized or smaller cities, we lack several major, practical pieces of sporting infrastructure. These include updated facilities for a variety of sports including aquatics, gymnastics, and baseball. 
Exploring Partnerships: Advancing the interests of Abbotsford’s great sporting community will require creative solutions, such as partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and/or other levels of government.

Abbotsford is a great sporting community. Please come along side us and help us to make it even better. Email us at if you would like to know more about Sport Abbotsford, or find out how to get involved.